I UK [haɪd] / US verb
Word forms "hide":
present tense I/you/we/they hide he/she/it hides present participle hiding past tense hid UK [hɪd] / US past participle hidden UK [ˈhɪd(ə)n] / US
1) [transitive] to put something in a place so that no one can find or see it
hide something in/at/under etc something:

She hid the key in the drawer.

hide something from someone:

I wanted to hide his present from him until his birthday.

a) [intransitive] to go or be somewhere where no one can find you or see you

I just want to hide in my room until they all go home.

hide behind/under/in etc:

He ran and hid behind a bush.

hide from:

Robert is hiding from us.

b) [transitive] to help someone stay in a place where other people cannot find them or see them
hide someone from someone:

She had helped an army deserter by hiding him from the military police.

2) [transitive] to make something difficult or impossible to see clearly

Marge's face was hidden by her hair.

Dark clouds hid the sun.

hide something from sight/view:

She watched until a bend in the road hid them from sight.

a) [transitive] to not allow people to know what you are thinking or feeling

I knew I had to hide my feelings.

can't hide something:

He could not hide his disappointment.

hide a smile:

She hid a smile as she watched him struggle.

b) to not allow people to find out about something
hide the truth:

I never hid the truth, least of all from you.

hide something from someone:

How had he managed to hide his addiction from his family?

4) [intransitive] to try not to accept something or not to be affected by something
hide from:

You can't hide from your feelings forever.

Ministers will try to hide from the reality of the situation.

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [haɪd] / US noun
Word forms "hide":
singular hide plural hides
1) [countable/uncountable] the skin of an animal such as a cow that is used for making leather
2) [countable] British a small building or structure in which you sit to watch wild animals or birds

have the hide of an elephant/rhinoceros — to be very difficult to upset because you do not care what people say about you

save your/someone's hideinformal to save yourself or someone else from being punished or from suffering

English dictionary. 2014.

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